HMGP Elevation & Acquisition

Since 1997, following Hurricane Fran, Holland Consulting Planners, Inc., has been at the forefront of North Carolina’s hazard mitigation planning and disaster recovery effort, assisting numerous clients in eastern North Carolina with preparation of all hazard mitigation plans, supervision of buyout and retrofitting projects, and management of recovery programs including housing replacement and rehabilitation.  HCP has more hands-on flood mitigation and recovery management expertise than any professional consulting firm in North Carolina.

The firm has managed  23  HMGP elevation and acquisition projects and Crisis Housing Assitance projects (Hurricanes Fran/Bonnie/Floyd/Isabel) including preparation of all program assistance policies, contract documents, professional services contracts, homeowner preconstruction and contract administration forms; and complete program management, including comprehensive acquisition and relocation management, elevation and retrofitting or rehab/replacement contract administration, supervision of resident inspection services, and coordination of appraisal, legal, surveying, engineering, and asbestos inspection services. Many of these project included management of additional funds provided by North Carolina and HUD for utility and floor framing retrofitting and rehabilitation of low-income units.

On annual basis, HCP provides supervision of the Hazard Mitigation Assistance acquisition/elevation application process for the Town of Windsor, Beaufort County, Craven County, and Hyde County (approximately 35 units funded 2008–2012).